Anyone who has ever purchased a bike knows exactly how confusing can be to actually choose a model, given the fact that it is a wide range of models out there. In this article, we will give you some useful information regarding how to buy the right bike in France so that you can easily make the best choice.

First of all, buying a bike can definitely work out financially a lot cheaper than hiring one, especially if you plan to use it every day. Making the right purchase depends on a number of factors such as your budget, your research time, and the main reason for which you want a bike. There are several categories of bikes and by knowing exactly where you are going to use it will help you make the perfect choice. For example, if you want a bike for traveling within the city you must go for a certain type that will offer you great comfort. On the other hand, if you want to cycle in other locations such as the woods, the hills, or the mountains, then again you will have to go for a model that suits your needs.

In case you don’t have the necessary budget for a new bike, then in Paris you also have the option to buy a second-hand model. The go-t place for such a purchase is the Craig’s List of Gumtree of France. There are plenty of French people who sell almost anything and everything. You should also have a look on, a leading market not only for bikes but for accessories as well. These sites are very easy to use. All you need to do is to select the region, the type of bike you want to buy, and the budget. Due to the fact that there are lots of bike sellers, we are sure that you will easily and quickly find what you are looking for. Just don’t hurry and take your time to do deep research.

If you have enough money to buy a brand new bike in France, then you must visit a local Decathlon store or buy online the desired model. Decathlon is a massive international chain where you will find bottom-of-the-range touring bikes, basic mountain bikes, high-end bike, and all the necessary accessories such as inner tubes, baskets, tires, helmets, and cycling clothes. Furthermore, this store also has a servicing department in case you want a second-hand model or you need some repairs. Other excellent stores in France are Intersport and GoSport. Keep in mind that in most cases, a basic touring bike will be a lot cheaper at one of the above stores than in a dedicated bike store. However, if you really want to shop around and compare prices, then there are some established bike shops such as Velo Station, Culture Velo, Veloland, and Velo Oxygen.

All in all, it is not complicated at all to buy a bike in France. You just need to know exactly what you want and do the necessary research.

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